Campus Staff Spotlight | Antonio Pace

Food and Drinks. We all love them. We all need them. However, there are only a select few people that can discern true quality in them and deliver top-notch service while providing them. Campus on Lake Austin is proud to introduce Antonio Pace as our Director of Food & Beverage. His international professional (and personal) pedigree will provide a truly unique perspective as we serve delicious cuisine and delectable beverages to our Campus guests.

Fluent in three languages, Antonio breathes an air of sophistication and diligent work ethic to the Campus.

What is your name and title? Antonio Pace, Director of Food & Beverage at Campus on Lake Austin

Where were you born? I was born in Ottawa, Canada

Please briefly detail your professional experience: My professional experience spans far and wide in the hospitality industry, as I have worked in virtually every department in various hotels/resorts across the globe since I was 18 years old. I have worked in Canada, the U.S., Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos, Cuba, to name a few.  Serving people and working hard is my life’s work.

Where is your favorite travel destination and memory? My favorite travel destination – undoubtedly – is Italy. Many of my family members and friends live there.  The food, weather, culture are things I strongly connect with as I spent most of my childhood summers in Abruzzo.

Where have you not yet been able to visit, but have always wanted to? I have always wanted to visit the French Polynesian Islands: Bora Bora and Tahiti.  I imagine the beauty, food, culture and people there are very different than Italy, but equally as incredible.

What is your favorite thing about Austin? As a native Canadian (and don’t get me wrong – I love Canada) the weather is probably the most enticing thing about Austin!  Not having to shovel snow for 6 months/year and enjoying the sun and heat is a real treat for me.  The people and food are fantastic too! ?

What does having a position at Campus on Lake Austin mean to you? Being a part of the Campus on Lake Austin team is very exciting to me in many ways – but in a nutshell: the campus is beautiful, peaceful and sure to keep me calm and focused on stressful days. The dynamic team I will be working with will undoubtedly help me to expand and hone my skills as F&B Director, contributing to the company’s success.  I am looking forward to working diligently to make the Campus on Lake Austin the best it can be.