Austin Barbeque Recommendations

Who wants Barbeque? In Austin, we all do!

The weather is warming in Central Texas, but there is only one temperature setting that truly matters around here: Slow and Low.

The Legend of Barbeque in these parts is well told and completely lives up to its world-renowned reputation.

Do you want to dine on Austin’s best BBQ, but don’t want to make small talk on a four-hour line at Franklin’s (even though it is TOTALLY worth it!)?

We at Campus on Lake Austin offer the below alternatives:

County Line On the Lake or On the Hill. This long-time Austin destination provides wonderful BBQ with amazing character and stunning views. They are also the closest BBQ restaurant to the Campus.

Lamberts – Looking for a little more “upscale” setting for your brisket? Lamberts is your place. Located in the restored & historic Schneider Brothers Building on 2nd street, Lamberts offers delicious barbeque in a date-night setting. 

Coopers Another downtown location with a casual setting. This cafeteria-style setup is a great start to a wonderful day exploring Congress Ave.

Stiles Switch Named after a historic railroad stop in Texas, Stiles Switch is a perennial local favorite.

La Barbecue They are moving to a new location this summer, but the delectable eats remain the same.

Micklethwait Craft Meats Served out of a trailer on Rosewood Ave., this spot has quickly become one of the “top 10 best BBQ joints in Texas” by Texas Monthly.

Black’s Barbeque The original is in the BBQ Destination of Lockhart (“Since 1932”). But, thankfully, Black’s has created a location in the Capital City.

The Salt Lick Outside of Franklin’s, this is probably the most popular BBQ spot in the Austin area for a good reason. While there are a couple of locations (even one at the Austin Airport!), the Driftwood location is where the legend began.