Campus on Lake Austin Holiday Message

The Holidays always represent a very busy time in hospitality. Weddings, Holiday Parties, and End-of-Year meetings take place at breakneck pace and the staff of hotels and event centers work overtime (literally) to ensure that each event and program is executed with best-in-class service. That is, until this year. It is no secret that COVID-19 has decimated the travel and hospitality industry. This season, many of the staff that would be buzzing about the event space are now looking for any opportunity to do so. Due to justifiable health and & safety restrictions, there are very few large meetings and parties. Therefore, there is less need for staff to work those events.

We must remember that even when this unprecedented time has been committed to the history books, PEOPLE make the hospitality experience memorable. Not just the guests, speakers, and attendees, but the staff executing the event. There is a lot of hospitality talent looking for opportunities. As we open the Campus on Lake Austin, we hope to provide some of those opportunities to Austin’s wealth of top professionals.

Hospitality is not just our business; it is our life. We cannot wait to return to a time where we can create an amazing event for all our guests. We know that time will come again soon, as research and development are starting to manufacture solutions to this pandemic. But, for now, we must be vigilant for the health of all our stakeholders.

On behalf of all current and future staff of the Campus on Lake Austin, we are wishing you a very safe, happy, and healthy holiday season. During this very challenging year, we also wish you all show kindness toward your fellow person and make that a practice moving forward. We look forward to hosting your events soon!