Activities to get out of the house in a safe, socially distant environment.

Construction is close to completion, and as we continue to survey our area in the time of COVID-19, we at Campus on Lake Austin wanted to provide some activities for those looking to get out of the house in a safe, socially distant environment. As a venue that offers some wonderful outdoor spaces, including our Amphitheater and Dock Spaces, we have an affinity for the special serenity that the outdoors can bring. Keep in mind, these are not just options during these challenging times. These are time-tested experiences that will delight no matter the global timeline.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Mount Bonnell See all of Austin from the Top of the City This majestic peak is only 2 miles from the Campus.

Zilker Park — While the Trail of Lights is now removed from this amazing outdoor space, it is still “Austin’s most-loved park.” Have a picnic or play catch on the great lawn with the cityscape in the background.

And if you are going there with the kids, look for the new Zilker Park Train to debut in 2021!

Food Trucks: With everything from BBQ at Micklethwait Craft Meats to freshly made ice cream at Manoils, Austin Food Trucks are spread throughout the city and offer amazing culinary delights that can be enjoyed outdoors.

McKinney Falls State Park: An idyllic venue of natural beauty. Go for a hike, a swim, or stay overnight at one of their 81 campsites.

Local Watering Holes:  It is never too early to plan your warmer weather activities, considering that Austin starts to heat up again in Spring. There has been a ton of coverage on some of our most prominent natural swimming area, and justifiably so. Spots like Hamilton Pool and Barton Springs Pool are famous among locals and tourist alike.  But, we would also like to offer alternatives like Krause Springs and Pace Bend Park for a great experience. 

We see a light at the end of the tunnel during this pandemic. But, until then, there is still an opportunity to enjoy yourself and create memories in our wonderful city. We hope you will continue to explore in the New Year.