Campus Staff Spotlight | Ron Jones

“Can you hear me now? “

Well, if you do not have a professional maintaining your audio levels for your meeting, you may not be able to hear anything. Thankfully, we have got a true veteran to assist us with our state-of-the-art technological capabilities at Campus on Lake Austin. Ron Jones oversees all the Audio-Visual components to make sure that your meetings can be seen, heard, and understood.

Let’s learn more about this gentleman who, by the looks of his future vacation desires, is a kid at heart.

What is your name and title? Ron Jones, Director of Audio-Visual

Where were you born?  Kansas City, Missouri

Please briefly detail your professional experience: I have over 15 years of Audio-Visual Operations Management in the hospitality industry and 20+ years’ experience as an Event Technology Specialist.

Where is your favorite travel destination and memory? Anywhere with a beach.  The peace of mind watching the flow of ocean waves relaxes me.

Where have you not yet been able to visit, but have always wanted to?  Disneyland (almost ashamed to say). —Don’t be, Ron! It’s the happiest place on Earth!

What is your favorite thing about Austin?  Music, arts, and diversity.

What does having a position at Campus on Lake Austin mean to you?  I am grateful for the opportunity to utilize my trained and natural skills supporting clients and my teammates at this beautiful facility.